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Owing to problems of intensive agriculture with excessive use of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or other biocides the human interference in the environment is critical.

The levels of residues in food are changing and are often defined by regulatory bodies in many countries.

It is necessary to use agricultural supplies that promote the physical quality of the products, which can avoid the environmental impact and also can lead products free from chemical residues.

The AgriLife Hellas is a Greek company which in the range of products is using biodegradable materials (Mainly naturally occurring not chemically synthesized) which don’t leave toxic residuals or residues in the final product.

Our products are applied in organic-conventional agriculture for biocontrol of plant health. In integrated management programs for chemical resistance to pests and diseases and also to restore soil fertility.

The AgriLife Hellas uses microbial consortia that are found in nature, and don’t uses microorganisms that have been modified by genetic engineering GMOs. With the application of our products the customers are able to achieve optimum quality and high production yields and for us remains the satisfaction of meeting the needs of agriculture solutions-inputs , which responds to the needs of the times.