The global population growth, climate change, rapid depletion of many resources, increasing environmental pressures, reducing soil fertility and crop losses, motivate us.

We need to radically change the approach to production, consumption, processing, storage, recycling and disposal of biological resources. The AgriLife Hellas with orama- strategy requires biotechnology and bio economy as two key elements for the development of Agriculture.

Developments in biotechnology research and the adoption of innovation will allow us to improve the management of renewable biological resources and open up new and diverse markets in food and biological products which can maintain and create economic growth and environmental sustainability of primary production and processing.

Effective management of research of available resources and the field inputs makes our company and cooperate with research and development centers of products(R & D) as RADOSOM India and microscopy section of the Agricultural University of Athens and have assistance and support- helpers technical agronomists, biologists, which without them we couldn't have this orama-strategy.

Panousis Κonstantinοs

MSc Agronomist