Plant Nutrition


The AMINEMAX is an ideal product for activating the physiological and immunological processes of plants. The applications before-during-after environmental intensity saves energy plants as detector-balancer of requirements of plants.

It is a product with a high content of free amino acids, organic material composed of short-chain peptides except peptide amines containing polysaccharides, vitamins, and flavones may be used in all kinds of crops, to the foliar-soil applications. Its use is recommended especially to plants during times of stress (heat wave, ice, hail, phytosanitary treatments). 

Total amino acid, amines 15.00%


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The Agriboom is a liquid organic product consisting of bioactive substances from earthworm compost and seaweed. The product provides bioactivators and crop nutrients that contained are derived from substances of biological origin. The Agriboom extracted from seaweed and earthworm it is a biofertilizer, the ingredients extracted with a unique cold process and therefore the bioactive chemicals are not denatured.

It provides nutrients in an organic form for plants. It also helps in cell division, cell elongation, of tillering and vegetative growth. Confers stress tolerance to plants resistant to adverse abiotic conditions. Causes better flowering and reduces flower drop. Gives better organoleptic characteristics to harvesting products.

Improves performance by forming more seeds and increased fruitfulness.

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The MAXIFRUIT is a bio - nutritional product easy and rapid assimilation, generated key for increasing fruit size. High phosphorus energy serves as a source of energy in biochemical reactions in active transport processes and the mechanical motion of the plasma. Increases the efficiency and quality of production and improve the size and color of the fruit.

Besides macronutrients and micronutrients in MAXIFRUIT presents a complete and balanced aminogramma, specifically chosen because of the important role and involvement during the fruiting crops.


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The nutritional needs during the flowering and fruiting are higher when harvesting cycles coexist and flowering plants undergo floral fatigue, in case of vegetables harvesting cycles and flowering cycles co-exist and plants suffer a shock while the fruit/vegetable is plucked. This results in plant fatigue. Furthermore abiotic stresses, such as variations in temperature, pH and moisture during the formation of the fruit create nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies in micronutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese and boron are shown in various forms. The vascular bundles of the plants are not able to carry the required additional feed to this stage. Therefore, the needs of food and energy are higher at this stage. Manganese and Boron deficiencies manifest themselves in various forms such as lack of chlorophyll in leaves / partial yellowing or browning of leaves /breaking of young fruits.

The Lesino specially designed using a combination of substances, such as derivatives of proteins, peptides and correction factors of the imbalance of trace elements, which promote plant growth


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